Zero Fee Open House

Selling probate property ... for free! … keep the inheritance, in the estate

There is a new way to sell probate property, without the estate bearing any of the selling fees and with no risk of the service being a gimmick or subject to hidden terms.

What if you could sell probate property without incurring any fees?

In our Zero Fee Open House service the selling fee becomes the obligation of the buyer, a buyer’s premium. This is a great way to continue to deliver probate services to your client and capitalise on the enthusiasm of the potential buyer.

Zero Fee Open House Service

Our Zero Fee Open House service has been designed to garner interest, seen through to offers, in a quick space of time. Far from sacrificing the final value at the whim of the quick process the mechanism normally achieves full or above asking value.

Protecting inheritance

Protecting the integrity of inheritance in an estate is a priority for any executor and in any typical probate property sale, the estate will pay the fees of the selling agent which in turn will impact the final inheritance amount.

Managing the process on your behalf

We know that part of the frustration when selling property can be the amount of time taken up with dealing with all the various parties involved. Whether it’s a local estate agent, the firm carrying out the EPC or getting the surveys done, it all takes time for the executor. Our service gives you one point of contact for all your updates, thereby saving you time.

How does it work?

We hold open day events at the property to attract interested parties. These events generate interest which in turn generates competitive bids, which typically meet or exceed market value, all the while offering maximum exposure to the marketplace.

What’s more, the fee of the service is picked up by the buyer, in a form traditionally associated with auctions.

By managing the marketing of the property, generating strong interest from parties in a good position for purchase and operating a buyer’s premium we are able a unique solution to for busy executors managing an estate on behalf of their beneficiaries, a way to maximise value for the estate.

Saving you time and money on traditional property sales

In our experience different types of properties require different methods to maximise their value at sale. We can help you with a number of solutions to the sale of probate probate.

One route for selling probate property is the traditional route of using local property professionals, estate agents, to market the property.

In this instance we manage local agents to drive interest in the property to generate interest towards achieving maximum market value. In doing this we bring the following benefits:

  • We maximise the opportunity to achieve full market value or more
  • Circumvent typical single agent, 20-week (or similar) exclusivity contracts
  • Drive local agents in a competitive process
  • Represent cost savings that the executor is able to present to the estate and its beneficiaries

Some of the benefits of using our Zero Fee Open House service

  • Protect the integrity of the inheritance, the estate will not pay a sellers fee
  • Maximise the sale value of the probate property
  • No restriction in our selling service, continue to deliver a full service, as you would expect
  • A dedicated point of contact for every stage
  • Regular updates from a team of experienced property specialists
  • No contracts tying you in to using our services
  • No-sale no-fee
  • We manage the process on behalf of our legal partners to release their fee earning time
Zero Fee Open House - Executor Solutions

Would you like expert help when selling a probate property from experienced specialist?

Are you looking to maximise return for beneficiaries and minimise cost?

No gimmicks, hidden costs or corner-cutting in the service we deliver. We simply pass the fee from the seller to the buyer for the benefit of the estate.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you to sell probate property to maximise returns for the estate. Maximising market value attained, minimising costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put we move the fee that a seller pays onto the buyer. It's almost an auction model, a 'buyer's premium' model.

We market the property in a way that generates a mini internal market, healthy competition. Interested parties, enthusiastic about buying probate property, are typically happy to make offers and to pay the buyer premium.

The model therefore works by generating interest from parties who are in competition and who understand the fee model.

There is no change in our service. Whilst we do not draw a fee from the estate we do draw a fee, payable by the buyer.

All the elements of the property sale (see below) we proactively manage. There is no change or reduction in service:

  • Valuation - In-depth research to establish true market value (uninflated), important for IHT purposes, presented in a thorough report
  • Recommend improvements - To maximise sale opportunity for the estate, taking into account property type and type of market the house will enter
  • Driving interest - staging open house events effective in generating an atmosphere of interest and competition resulting in strong offers in a short space of time
  • Manage offers - proactively following up to ensure we attract the right offer and the right buyer, to put the transaction in the best proceedable position
  • Accept offer - liaise with client to communicate offers. The ultimate decision to accept lies with the client
  • Drive to exchange - dedicated team to liaise with all parties to co-ordinate and drive completion. A key activity
  • Exchange - all the hard work is complete!, contracts are exchanged and keys released upon completion
  • Selling fees (paid by the buyer) - the fee for selling the property is paid by the buyer. The estate benefits from the selling process without paying any fee.

Our approach is to adopt a different method depending on the property type. Different properties, in different circumstances, have different micro markets. These need to be taken into account when marketing any property.

In most circumstances our Zero Fee Open House method is appropriate. In some circumstances however it is not the right approach. Our valuation process allows us to fully assess the property and recommend best approaches to market.