Are you facing property expenses you didn't expect?

Are there no funds on the estate to cover cost of purchasing services during probate?

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Property Expense Funding - assisting you with costs associated with probate property

Property Expense Funding is a unique product offered by Executor Solutions which helps executors or personal representatives who have to pay up-front for services associated with preparing a property for sale, which are known as 'Testamentary Expenses'.

These are the costs they have to cover in relation to carrying out their role and they are personally liable. The costs incurred are repaid out of the Estate proceeds before any beneficiary distribution.

Paying for the house repairs is delaying me selling the property and accessing much needed funds from the estate. Moving forward without these funds is very difficult.

If you don’t have funds to cover costs during probate, we can help!

Property Expense Funding is a product available to executors and personal representatives who can’t fund the costs associated with dealing with property as part of estate administration.

The great news is that it is not a traditional loan:

  • There are no credit checks.
  • You don’t have to own a home as there are no charges over any property.
  • There are no monthly repayments. The loan is repaid from the estate proceeds, income and affordability don’t need to be assessed.

It’s simple, straightforward and there’s no risk.

Testamentary Expenses

Testamentary expenses are costs that must be covered in relation to an executor, or personal representative, carrying out their role. They are liable for these costs, which are later repaid out of the Estate’s proceeds before any beneficiary distribution. These expenses are for required services to, that might build up over time and might not be apparent to those involved in estate administration. They could include:

Selling Probate Property

Executor Solutions provide the best routes and options to sell probate property for the most achievable value (often full market value or above). We offer a number of approaches to help executors and use the best one depending on the needs of the estate and the property for sale.

Selling the property to distribute the funds to the beneficiaries can’t be done until I sell the property. I won’t get the maximum value if the property isn’t maintained - it feels like a catch-22 situation.

The benefits of using our Property Expense Funding service:

  • 0% interest and no fees, we wont tie you into any contract which requires you to pay a high amount of interest or fee at the end.
  • No risk to the executor and personal representative.
  • No personal liability, the service is charged towards the estate and not the individual executor or personal representative.
  • No credit checks to the executor or personal representative, the costs are incurred to the estate
  • No monthly repayments owed
  • 12 month period for inheritance to be released

Do you need funds to cover the payment of service while you wait for the estate to be settled?

Get in touch with one of our experienced property professionals who can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no personal liability, no need for credit checks for the executor. Funds are borrowed against the value of the estate and paid back when the estate is settled.

This funding has been provided to help executors get things done, pay for services, where cash flow is a challenge. It is common for an estate to require some work and for funds to be limited or non existent. We can help by providing a finance facility, secured against the estate, which provides finance for works to be carried out during the probate process.

Funds are borrowed against the value of the estate and paid back upon inheritance.

This is a finance facility, rather than a loan of a set amount. Funds can be drawn down as and when needed to enable services to be purchased throughout the probate period.

Value and eligibility is secured against the value of the estate. There are no credit checks, it is not a personal loan. It is a finance facility, funds can be dawn down as and when needed.

The involvement of a professional representative is required to monitor the estate, manage the probate and fulfil fiduciary duties and ensure all information is present and correct.

No. This is a credit facility secured against the value of the estate. There are no credit checks.

The great news is this is not a loan in so much as you apply for a specific and final loan amount. This is a financial facility to enable the procurement of services as and when needed throughout the probate process.

There are no monthly repayments. The funds are settled once the estate has been finalised.

No. There are no set up or administrative fees.

The period is set at 12 months. In our experience this is ample time for all the work to do with the settling of the estate to be completed.

No. Finance is calculated and secured against the value of the estate. Credit rating and history is not relevant.

Yes. You will need to employ the services of a professional to assist, a solicitor or a company to ensure the estate is administered according to legal requirements.