Executor Solutions (ES) are a specialist property company working with law firms across the UK since 2015.

We focus on providing services that protect, maintain and market property to; maximise value, in some cases increasing value, release your fee earning time and present a good account to your clients and beneficiaries including cost savings.

Property specialists

ES is led by a team of property industry veterans who previously founded Moving Made Easy, the UK’s largest independent provider of Assisted Move, Part Exchange and New Plot Sales programmes to the UK’s biggest housebuilders.

How it all started

ES has its origins in conversations with legal colleagues struggling to sell stubborn property. We were approached to help.

Well-versed in driving property sales we got to work selling the previously unsold properties for full market value and in a competitive time frame.

This got us thinking. Having developed a clear process for efficient sale and operated teams of specialists to supported large housebuilders up and down the UK we were already in a good position to develop a full set of services for the legal sector.

ES was born! And we’ve been helping executors and deputies ever since!

The benefits we bring

We help release Solicitor’s time by completing essential estate management work on your behalf and under your instruction without the need for time consuming close involvement. We gather quotations, manage contractors, chase Estate Agents, manage maintenance and property protection requirements, complete searches and surveys and manage the valuation and sale of chattels.

We provide experience and cost savings that can be passed onto the estate and audit trails in this niche of area property services for legal professionals.

We are trusted partners familiar with the legislative and professional framework, experienced in managing the subtleties of Probate and Court of Protection cases.

We are experienced in contentious probate, providing assistance to solicitors in liaising with aggrieved parties.

Supported by a wide team of specialists; experienced colleagues from the legal sector, experienced colleagues from the property sector and managing a national network of maintenance providers.

We work with legal professionals to ensure probate property is protected and maintained to put it in the best position for sale. Valuing and selling property to maximise returns for the estate.

We help save time for solicitors and money for the estate,

Meet the team

Barry Mattock Group Managing Director Executor Solutions

Barry Mattock
Group Managing Director

Michael Edwards Client Services Director Executor Solutions

Michael Edwards
Business Director

Kirsty Gooch Director Executor Solutions

Kirsty Gooch

Stephen Williams Business Planning Director Executor Solutions

Stephen Williams
Business Planning Director

Jordan Swain Sales Negotiator Executor Solutions

Jane Tinkler
PA to the Directors

Darren Parfitt Case Manager Executor Solutions

Darren Parfitt
Client Services Manager

Kirsty Gooch Director Executor Solutions

Faye Fuller
Case Manager

Lisa-Marie Dixon Assistant Case Manager Executor Solutions

Lisa-Marie Dixon
Case Manager

Daisy Crocker Assistant Case Manager Executor Solutions

Tanya Dove
Assistant Case Manager

Daisy Crocker Assistant Case Manager Executor Solutions

Harriet Gold
Case Support

Ross Hunt Property Manager Executor Solutions

Ross Hunt
Property Manager

Kirsty Gooch Director Executor Solutions

Abbie Baker
Property Administrator

Kirsty Gooch Director Executor Solutions

Alison Lane
Sales Progression Manager

Kirsty Gooch Director Executor Solutions

Danni Lovett
Sales Progressor

Jake Leland Right Move Sales Negotiator Executor Solutions

Jake Leland
Sales Negotiator

Georgia Cannell Right Move Viewing Co-ordinator Executor Solutions

Georgia Cannell
Viewings Co-ordinator

Speak to one of our property professionals who can help you with your probate property

Whether it is insuring an unoccupied home, valuing probate property, carrying out maintenance to maximise value upon sale or maximising market opportunity when selling probate property … we can help.